What is CReW?

CReW (Canopy Relative Work) is one of the most fascinating disciplines in the sport of Skydiving. Mike Lewis & Steve over beach at Sebastion Inlet

Two or more parachutes intentionally fly together in formation. Some physical contact is necessary, but for the most part it is the coordinated piloting skills of each individual that makes these flying fortresses possible. Today the largest officially recorded formation included 85 parachutes in Lake Wales, Florida set on Novmber 26th, 2005. Taking the height measurements from the canopies down the center line and heights of those individuals the formation was about 276' tall give or take a foot or two. The formation was 175' wide since there was about a foot between each person's canopy. The people on the 85 way made it weigh 17,552 pounds. http://www.cfworldrecord.com/2005/ This record still stands but future record attempts in the USA and Europe are soon to come. There is a large community of skydivers world wide that practice CReW competitively. These competitions include; four way rotation, eight way speed and many more. Today, efforts are being made to create still other CReW disciplines. The spirit of CReW is a powerful experience. Not only is the view spectacular but the euphoric excitation is extended over a greater period of time, compared to conventional free fall disciplines. This, coupled with the ability to communicate with each other during the dive, makes it an exciting and popular sport.

Any Drop Zone (DZ) interested in hosting a Mike Lewis CReW seminar please E-Mail Mike.

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