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The CReW Photo site will be updated regularly. If any bugs crop up from time to time please let me know. The main objective of this sight is to expand the CReW photography support base, and to help attract and educate the would-be jumpers to our flock.

I will be looking for suggestions, corrections and Feedback to make this sight work. New subject matter will be considered, so if it looks good share it.

Many of you who will visit this site won't know me. I'm Bryan Scott; a Photographer/Video Editor based in Florida. I started jumping in 1978 and began my photography in 1982.  By the spring of 1984 I had developed enough interest surrounding my skydiving photography that I began to get bona fide job offers.

My commitment and support to CReW has lasted 14 years. In the early 1980's I began doing CReW with the Florida based "Them Toad Suckers." By 1991 I began working regularly with Tampa CReW and Mike Lewis. This experience helped me to develop the air to air  photography I practice today. In 1992 I had the privilege of performing my photography for Tampa CReW at the Nationals. Our team went on to take the Gold at the 8-way competition and the silver in 4-way rotation. 1994 marked the year I began working with Diamond Quest. Large way photography brought with it a new set of rules, fortunately the previous 3 years had laid the foundation for the big ways. In 1996 we set out to break the world record again this time in Germany. Today I am still busily involved in CReW creating the presentation and packaging of a new training course aimed at the novice CReW dog.

Although I don't make my living doing CReW, I take it just as seriously. My efforts are rooted in a belief that if you don't share, you don't receive. To me, this applies to technical information. In my profession I surround myself with professionals who don't hoard their information.

My goal is to see CReW activities continue to gain the support of more photographers. To this end, I have been working hard to bring air to air video to a level that can be trusted by judges. I've shared what I know with those in my circle, but CReW exists globally. If I can help in anyway just contact me. Though the efforts of photographers, this sport can visually gain the support it deserves.

Any Drop Zone (DZ) interested in hosting a Mike Lewis CReW seminar please E-Mail Mike.

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