Sebastian May 4-5th 16 way CRW Practice

R1 5-4-02_01R1 5-4-02_02R1 5-4-02_04R1 5-4-02_07R1 5-4-02_08R1 5-4-02_10R1 5-4-02_15R1 5-4-02_16R1 5-4-02_17R1 5-4-02_18R1 5-4-02_19R1 5-4-02_20R1 5-4-02_23

R3 5-4-02_02R3 5-4-02_03R3 5-4-02_04R3 5-4-02_05R3 5-4-02_10R3 5-4-02_11R3 5-4-02_12R3 5-4-02_15R3 5-4-02_16R3 5-4-02_17R3 5-4-02_18R3 5-4-02_19R3 5-4-02_22R3 5-4-02_23R3 5-4-02_24R3 5-4-02_25

R4 5-5-02_05R4 5-5-02_06R4 5-5-02_07R4 5-5-02_08R4 5-5-02_09R4 5-5-02_10R4 5-5-02_13R4 5-5-02_14R4 5-5-02_15R4 5-5-02_16R4 5-5-02_19R4 5-5-02_20R4 5-5-02_17R4 5-5-02_18
R4 5-5-02_21

R5 5-5-02_02R5 5-5-02_03R5 5-5-02_05R5 5-5-02_06R5 5-5-02_07R5 5-5-02_08R5 5-5-02_11R5 5-5-02_12R5 5-5-02_13R5 5-5-02_14R5 5-5-02_15R5 5-5-02_16R5 5-5-02_17R5 5-5-02_18R5 5-5-02_19R5 5-5-02_20

Brad Foster
By now most of you know Brad Foster died Friday afternoon:

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Sabastian November 22-25 2001


Sebastian March 28-31    16 way CRW Practice

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4 July Toadsucker Reunion 2001
Video is available through Tom Plonka

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